Gifts To Social Projects

You can give to support projects that will spearhead social change.

Gifts in this category are allocated to Free Projects that consist of student projects on social, political, cultural, artistic and economic issues.

  • One gift of TL 30 will fund the cost of a book or the photocopying of a student project,
  • One gift of TL 60 will fund the local trip costs of a student research,
  • 4 gifts of TL 100 each will fund the costs of a student’s 3-day research trip out of town, or the costs of a panel held as part of the research project. 

What is Free Project?

Free Project provides students an environment free of creative barriers, where they can approach issues from unconventional angles, and do research in their areas of interest.  This aims to encourage students to seek solutions to social, political, cultural and economic issues, and gain the ability to look into and implement different approaches.

Students are free to choose their subject: they can focus on campus issues or regional, national and even global issues. Free Project supports all initiatives that have various time, teamwork and brain power requirements, including fundraising, social awareness, scientific/critical research, establishing and activating network groups, and efforts directed towards improving poverty and social development.

Free Project is an innovative approach to education. It has been observed that when students undertake a project of their own choice, the effort they put in the work and the results they gain from it increase severalfold compared to classwork. Your support means more students can benefit from this project. 

Projects supported to date:


  1. Impact of Sports on Friendship – Sailing Regattas
  2. Southern and North-Eastern Cuisine
  3. Shared Turkish-Greek Cuisine
  4. Perception of Freedom of Press and Government Policies in the 18-28 Age Group
  5. Training the Trainers: Contrasting Turkey and Finland
  6. Beggars and Society
  7. Woman Leaders: Issues and Achievements
  8. Urban Culture of Istanbul in the 13-14 Age Group
  9. Leadership Changes and Political Culture in Russia
  10. Sociological Impact of the Woman Figure in Media
  11. Potential Consequences of the Draft Bill of Arts
  12. A Comparative Study of Turkish Media and Freedom of Press in Turkey


  1. Perception of Honor in Children
  2. Football and Politics: Everywhere is Football, Resistance is Everywhere (or not?)
  3. Comparative Study of Islamophobia Based on Examples from Turkey and Europe
  4. Socio-economic Differences That Affect The Legalization of The Same-sex Marriage
  5. Creating Social Awareness of Street Artists
  6. Does Stress Affect Academic Performance?
  7. A Comparative Study of Turkish Media and Freedom of Press in Turkey
  8. Comparison of Drug Policies in Turkey and the Netherlands
  9. Football Violence in Turkey: A Look at the 2013-2014 Season
  10. 10. Different Perspectives on Child Marriage in Turkey to Improve Existing Solution Recommendations


  1. Academic Publication Project
  2. Comparative Study of the Native Language Policies of Governments and the Impact of Such Policies on Individuals and the Society: Oral History and Interviews
  3. Project on Studying the Influence of Gender on the Education and Social Lives of Students
  4. No Home - No Voice
  5. Artistic Perception and Mice
  6. Kolikolik: The Jig and Saw of Education
  7. Connection between the High School Education System and the Motivation of University Students
  8. Understanding Death: Comparative Study of the Concept of Death as Understood by 5-7 Year-Old Children in Istanbul and Bingöl
  9. Possible Contributions of the Master-Apprentice Training System to the Public Schooling System in Increasing Student Motivation
  10. 10. Factors Underlying Students' Preference or Non-Preference of Sabancı University in the Erasmus Program


  1. An Experiment in Economics to Study the Effects of Entitlement on the Perception of Justice
  2. Micro-Donation Project
  3. A Holistic Look into New Social Movements via the Participatory Observation Method

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