Grand Prize: Cem Güneri's "First Squash Racket"

Grand Prize: Cem Güneri's "First Squash Racket"

My First Squash Racket

Ten years ago, during an extended break from sports, I noticed that the place where I took my son for his sports practice on the weekends had a squash court. I bought my first squash racket with the expectation that I'd play against the wall while my son was in practice - it'd be some form of exercise at least. I have been a more committed player for the last few years. Tennis also takes up a comparable portion of my life. I can say that I'm equally bad at both.

The gift item is the first squash racket that I bought and continue to use once or twice a week lately. This racket brought me tremendous victories, that is, in my league.  It has seen some highly competitive games with my weekly squash partners. To top it all, I came third in the University tournament two years ago! It was a resounding achievement considering that I alone accounted for most of the average age in that tournament! But I won't disclose the number of entrants.

I'm especially fond of this racket since it brings back memories from my son's primary school years. I hope that the winner doesn't just hang it on the wall as a memento, but use it until they upgrade to a better racket.


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