We grow alongside the spaces we live in.  Imagine moving to a new office.  It’s empty.  Except you have tons of things around you, on your mind.  You need to fill that emptiness with stuff that you will choose from a multitude.  A great design quest, isn’t it?  It’s akin to that age-old question of the three things you will take to a desert island.  Are our offices insular?  We’re on our own most of the time; our offices are where we work, make, quite often eat, almost always drink, sometimes even nod off.  Some of us move houses more often than offices.  Perhaps a better question is “You are about to run a marathon.  What do you take with you?”  If you are an academic, you will need to cogitate on matters, sometimes take a break, and go back to it.  That mental strain prevents you from filling an empty office to the brim all at once, to decorate it from one end to the other.  You take a few things with you on the first day.  You want to put something where it will catch your eye when you look up at it.  The Klee “painting” in the photo was the first item I placed when I arrived at my office in Sabancı University.  I didn’t hang it on the wall, I leaned it against it.  I’ll take my time, I thought, I’ll find the best spot for it as I bring other stuff in.  I had long days and many evenings in this office.  My friends came and went; we shared meetings, evaluations and laughter; sometimes I whispered to myself, and sometimes I shouted.  My office grew with me; we matured together.  Now, the Klee will live with another person to share hours and days.  Its spot will not remain empty though; just so you know, mature spaces abhor vacuum.

Ali Rana Atılgan

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