Why should I give?

The key to economic and social advancement is quality higher education that generates new knowledge. This is the only way to produce sustainable solutions for the needs of the society and humanity.  
Your gifts provide the largest external support in creating sustainable solutions through generating and disseminating new knowledge.
Sabancı University is a non-profit institution. Tuition fees cover 70% of the annual operational expenses of the university, while personal and institutional gifts cover 25% and other revenues cover 5%.  

•  You can give to help more successful students who are in financial need to benefit from innovative and high-quality education at Sabancı University and remove financial obstacles to education.

  You can help the generation and dissemination of new knowledge and technologies by giving to Research and Chairs.

•  You can donate to Social Projects to help students conduct projects that will spearhead social change. 

In the 15 years since its establishment, Sabancı University has earned great achievements.

•  First in Turkey on the THE "100 under 50" Rankings.
•  We are among the top 200 in the Times Higher Education (THE) renkings.  
•  We are among the top 500 in the World University Rankings
•  We are the university with the highest number of international patent applications
•  We are the most innovative and entrepreneurial university
•  We created tissue structure using a 3D bio-printer and live cells for the first time in the world
•  We are working to enable graphene, the first ever two-dimensional atom crystal and the thinnest and toughest material in the world, in everyday energy applications
•  We lead the efforts to design new information systems based on the architecture and circuitry of the human brain
•  We are working to obtain drought- and disease-resistant wheat strains
•  We are the university of choice in reverse intellectual migration based on total number of faculty
•  We found the 7th neutron star
•  We built Turkey's first humanoid robot  


We work for universal goals! Give to make it happen!


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