Extraordinary Achievement Scholarship

Covers yearly tuition fee, housing in 2- or 4-person rooms depending on the request of the donor, and a monthly stipend.  The scholarship may be provided upon initial admission or in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th years depending on the requests of the donor. Donors can further specify year, program, gender and other criteria for recipients. The Extraordinary Achievement Scholarship amount for the 2014-2015 academic year is TL 50,850 for housing in 2-person rooms, and TL 48,500 for housing in 4-person rooms. 

Scholarship assignments are made by the Scholarship Commission composed of faculty members and representatives of Student Resources and Institutional Development. The Scholarship Commission assigns scholarships based on specified criteria (underprivilege, achievement, custom criteria, etc.). 

Individuals or institutions can establish named scholarships when the gift amounts or commitments determined by the SU Board of Trustees are met. This means you can support the education of youth while ensuring that your name or the names of your loved ones live forever.

For more information on naming opportunities, please contact agurleyen@sabanciuniv.edu or +90 216 483 90 16

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