Our Donors

The establishment of our university was enabled with the generous donations of the late Sakıp Sabancı and his family, the entire Sabancı family, the Sabancı Foundation, and Sabancı Group companies, which totalled TRY 340.429.000.  Moreover, the late Sakıp Sabancı bequeathed an endowment fund of TRY 142.240.000 to the university in 2004.

We are deeply grateful to Sakıp Sabancı and his family, other members of the Sabancı family, the Sabancı Foundation and the Sabancı Group companies for their invaluable contributions to the establishment and existence of our university.

Other individuals and institutions have also been supporting Sabancı University’s mission to raise young generations in the best way possible.  We would like to thank all individuals and institutions, especially our own employees, who contribute to and support Sabancı University to help remove the financial obstacles of our students.

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