1.     Individuals or institutions making a gift to Sabancı University first receive the Donation Receipt which proves that the gift is received by Sabancı University.
2.     Supporters are reminded that they can remain anonymous should they so desire, and a privacy commitment is made that their personal information will not be used for other purposes.
3.     For large donations to Sabancı University, an agreement must be signed between the University and the supporter.  The agreement clarifies the following issues:
a.     Whether the gift is conditional or unconditional
b.    The primary and alternative permitted uses of the gift
c.     When the complete amount will be transferred
d.    When the gift may be first used, and responsibilities regarding the use of the gift
e.     A gift commitment must be in writing to be valid.  The donation of an immovable property or a right attached to property will only be valid by official charter (an agreement officiated by a land title deed registry officer).  Although an agreement is only required for large donations as explained above, a written agreement may also be necessary when donating a right attached to an immovable property.

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