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Plus One Scholarship Bank Accounts (Akbank)

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1. Any person or entity making a gift to Sabancı University will be issued a receipt immediately, which proves that the gift was received by Sabancı University.
2. Gift makers are informed that they may remain anoynmous if they wish, and are given a guarantee that their personal information will not be used for other purposes.
3. A contract must be signed between Sabancı University and gift makers in the case of large donations. The contract will include the following:

Whether the gift is conditional;
The purposes and alternative areas where the gift may be used;
Date on which the gift will be remitted in full;
Date on which the gift will be available for use, and any responsibilities regarding its use.
A gift commitment only becomes valid if in writing. A commitment to donate a property or any right attached to a property may only be given if ratified by an officer of the land title deed registry office. Although it is stated that large donations require a contract above, bequeathing any right attached to a property may also require signing a contract.

All assets donated or bequeathed to our University are exempt from taxes, duties or fees in accordance with Article 56 of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547.

We value the privacy of your personal information. Information submitted by our contributors will not be shared with other persons or entities for any reason, and will not be used for advertising, promotion or marketing purposes.
If using credit cards for payment, your card data will not be recorded or stored. Our web servers use Rapid SSL 256-bit security certificate for electronic commerce transactions.
Our university website ( and all associated links belong to and are managed by Sabancı University, a nonprofit education institution.
All persons appearing as gift-makers on our website have consented to the use of their names by Sabancı University.
To rectify any errors in credit card transactions, please contact us at or, or call us at 0216 483 93 53 .