What Is Plus One Scholarship?


Plus One Scholarship is a scholarship fund that aims to enable more successful students in financial need to benefit from the unique and innovative system of education at Sabancı University.

Since its establishment, Sabancı University has been raising self-confident, globally-competent individuals in every field. Expanding the student network of Sabancı University will grow the hope we feel for our common future.

Anyone can join the Sabancı University Plus One Scholarship program and contribute any amount they see fit.

“All contributions to the Plus One Scholarship program mean plus one student, plus one hope, plus one step towards the future."

For online giving, click here

Scholar Plus Bank Accounts (Transfer / EFT)

Akbank Sabancı University Branch

Turkish Lira Account: 713-30727
IBAN: TR87 0004 6007 1388 8000 0307 27

US Dollar Account: 713-23458
IBAN: TR70 0004 6007 1300 1000 0234 58

Euro Account: 713-37837
IBAN: TR08 0004 6007 1303 6000 0378 37

To Donate from the USA:
In cooperation with TPF (Turkish Philanthropy Funds), headquartered in New York, USA, our supporters living in the USA can get up to 100% exemption from the tax benefits provided by the US government. Click here to donate to the Sabancı University Scholarship Fund via TPF.